Pre-Matric Scholarship For SC Students Studying In Class IX & X

Pre-Matric Scholarship For SC Students

There have been so many schemes launched by Government of India through which one can get various benefits for the development on various essential levels. One of these schemes include the Pre-Matric Scholarship for SC Students. Pre-Matric students refers to the students who are currently studying in Schools (Classes IX & X). All the details regarding this scheme is available in the article written as under.

About Pre-Matric Scholarship For SC Students

Pre-Matric Scholarship For SC Students

Pre-Matric Scholarship to the SC Students studying in classes IX & X is a Centrally Sponsored Scheme and implemented through State Government and UT administration. The Scholarship provided under the Scheme will be available for studies in India only. Also, this scholarship will be awarded by the Government of the State/Union Territory to which the applicant belongs i.e. the state of domicile of the applicant.

Objectives Of The Pre-Matric Scholarship Scheme

  • To support parents of SC children for education of their wards studying in classes IX and X so that the incidence of drop-out, especially in the transition from the elementary to the secondary stage is minimized, and
  • To improve participation of SC children in classes IX and X of the pre-matric stage, so that they perform better and have a better chance of progressing to the post-matric stage of education.

Criteria for Eligibility Of Pre-Matric Scholarship For SC Students

  • The Student applying for the scholarship should belong to Scheduled Caste.
  • The Income of the students’ Parent or Guardian income should not exceed Rs. 2.00 lakh per annum.
  • The applicant should not be getting any other Centrally-funded Pre-Matric Scholarship already.
  • The applicant for the scholarship essentially has to be regular, full time student studying in a Government School or in a School recognized by Govt. or a Central/State Board of Secondary Education.
  • Scholarship for studying in any class will be available for only one year. If a student has to repeat a class, she / he would not get scholarship for that class for a second (or subsequent) year.

Scholarship Value

The value of scholarship includes the following for complete duration of the course

  • Scholarship and other grants
  • Additional allowance that is approved for the students with disabilities who are studying in private un-aided recognized Schools.

Scholarships and Grants

Item Day Scholars Hostellers
Scholarship  (Rs. per month) for 10 months 150 350
Books and Ad hoc Grant (Rs. per annum) 750 1000

Additional Allowance for students with disabilities

Allowances for students with disabilities studying in Private un-aided Schools  Amount (in Rs.)
Monthly Reader Allowance for Blind students 160
Monthly Transport Allowance for students with disabilities (as defined in the Persons with Disabilities Act 1995), if such students do not reside in the hostel which is within the premises of the Educational Institution. 160
Monthly Escort Allowance for Severely Disabled (i.e. with 80% or higher disability) Day Scholars/Students with
low extremity disability
Monthly Helper Allowance admissible to any employee of the hostel willing to extend help to a severely orthopaedically handicapped student residing in the hostel of an Educational Institution who may need the assistance of a helper. 160
Monthly Coaching Allowance to Mentally Retarded and Mentally ill Students 240

Scholarship Duration and Renewal

  • The scholarship under this Pre-Matric Scholarship for SC students scheme is payable only for 10 months in an academic year.
  • The continuation of the award once given to the student is subject to good conduct and regularity in attendance. It will be renewed for Class X after the student passes Class IX.
  • If the student has to repeat the same class, the scholarship would not be provided for the second year in the same class. The approval of scholarship is only for one year in one class.
  • The Scholarship is payable from 1st April or from the month of admission, whichever is later, to the month in which the examinations are completed.

How To Apply For The Pre-Matric Scholarship
(Online Application Form)

  • The eligible candidates can easily apply for this scheme online for the same by visiting the official website of the scheme
  • All the State Governments/UT Administrations will, at the appropriate time, suitably publicise the Scheme. They invite applications by issuing an advertisement in local language, in the leading newspapers of the State. It is also done through their respective websites and other media outfits. The applicant should submit the complete application to the prescribed authority.
  • The details and application forms can be found on the Official website. Please Visit.
  • Download this PDF file for more details.

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