Deen Dyal Upadhyay Swaniyojan Yojana – Details & Objectives


Deen Dayal Upadhyay Swaniyojan Yojana

This Scheme is launched by central government of India, which is a part of earlier launched  Startup India Campaign. Which was offered with employment opportunities on large scale. This scheme is launched to cover all the rural areas of country. DUSY is being launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

This scheme is implemented by Ministry of Rural development and launched in 2016, which was finalized by central government. The only aim of this scheme is to boost the entrepreneurship. This scheme is backed up by MUDRA bank loans,  Innovative credit linkages and self help groups.

To direct the entrepreneurship opportunities government is holding discussions with individuals and private entities. With the launching of this scheme in January Prime Minister Narendra Modi finalized the action plan and befits for the poor rural who are looking for the self employment options. As under this scheme basic skills in various fields will be provided and credit linkages incubation center will also be provided.

Objective Of Deen Dyal Upadhyaya Swaniyojan Yojana (DUSY)


  • To entrepreneurship in rural areas by providing skills training DUSY was launched by Ministry of Rural Development.
  • As a Rural Avatar of Start Up India scheme this scheme is launched.
  • By Prime Minister of India this scheme was launched in 2016 as part of start up India campaign.
  • To provide finance assistance to poor rural entrepreneurs.
  • To provide skills training for self-employment of rural people.
  • To provide incentive to poor rural people to continue their businesses.
  • To support them in every field with the motive of pursuing self-employment by rural people.

Nodal Agencies

Under this scheme the Nodal Agencies are following:
  • Ministry of Rural Development
  • Ministry of skill development and entrepreneurship.
  • MUDRA bank.

-> Funding For Deen Dyal Upadhyaya Swaniyojan Yojana

  • National Rural livelihood Mission.
  • MUDRA bank.
  • Credit Linkage in an innovative Manner.
  • Self-Help Groups.

-> Skills training Under DUSY 

  • Beauty courses.
  • Driving
  • Masonry
  • Textile
  • Food processing.
  • Plumbing
  • Dairy Farming
  • Grafting
  • Animal Husbandry

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Benefits Of Deen Dyal Upadhyaya Swaniyojan Yojana (DUSY)

  • To pursue self employment skill training is being provided.
  • An uplift will see by rural entrepreneurs with assistance of SHG.
  • Women empowerment I rural areas will occur.
  • Land pressure will be reduced.
  • New avenues for villagers than agriculture.
  • Increase the participation of SHG in DUSY.
  • To start entrepreneur ventures SHG are more encouraged.
  • More emphasis of SHG and women in DUSY.
  • Financial independence from women prospective.

This scheme is only launched with only one aim to boost the entrepreneurship in rural areas, which will empower the rural areas and people will get more opportunities to work on rather than agriculture only, this will results in the upgrading of the lifestyle of rural area people.

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